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Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues is practiced by many professing Christians in churches around the world today, but are we really seeing the true gift of tongues as is portrayed in the Bible, or are we seeing something very different? The aim of this website is to reveal the Bible truth about speaking in tongues, what it is and what purpose God has for the gift of tongues.

Tongues Today

Is the speaking in tongues we hear in the majority of churches today, the true Bible gift of tongues? Well, according to the world view there are two types of tongues. One is the sudden ability to speak in another language of the world, the other is to utter a "heavenly" language, which we will refer to as "ecstatic tongues". The gift of speaking in another language is a clear Bible teaching and has been happening since Bible times. The other "ecstatic" form of speaking in tongues that has been widely accepted today in churches only started spreading through the churches in the early 1900's. So our question is, if this speaking in ecstatic tongues is the true gift of tongues as taught in the Bible, then why did it only start being widely spoken 100 years ago? Have a really good think about that. True speaking in tongues as per the Bible, which is the sudden ability to speak in another language, will have continued from Bible times right throughout history, and yet this ecstatic type of tongues we hear, only started spreading recently in history. That should instantly get the alarm bells ringing in our minds.

1 Corinthians 14:33 ...'For God is NOT the author of confusion.'

This ecstatic speaking in tongues (gibberish), can be found also in many cults of the world, right throughout Asia and Africa and many other areas. Another cause for concern.

So is the truth about speaking in tongues important to know? Yes it is, just as any other truth from God is important to know and to live according to, because if we reject even the smallest Bible truth, then we are letting the door open for satan to come in and take control. And it will only be a matter of time before we reject more and more plain Bible truth. We are sanctified by God through His Word, and He declares that His Word is truth, so we should be seeking the Bible truth in ALL areas of our Christian walk, and speaking in tongues is one of them.

John 17:17 .....'Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.'

There are over 100 million people throughout the world who are speaking in ecstatic tongues and believe that they have the gift of tongues as found in the Bible. Now something you will notice about this ecstatic tongues is that it seems to largely remain INSIDE church buildings, and yet the clear Bible truth about speaking in tongues and the original purpose of the gift of tongues was for Christian missionaries to take the gospel message into lands where the people spoke different languages. So if this speaking in ecstatic tongues is the true Bible gift of tongues, then why does it remain largely behind closed doors? Please think about these important points, as they help show us whether speaking in "ecstatic" tongues is truth or error, and of a good spirit, or an evil spirit.

Not only that, but the majority of people who hear the preacher or someone speaking in ecstatic tongues have no idea what they are saying, and God is not glorified through it. So what is the purpose of it? We know that true Bible tongues has a purpose from God, as we will discover throughout this site, but I just don't see any point or purpose to the ecstatic tongues that are heard throughout many churches today. If a foreign person came into a church and heard people speaking in ecstatic tongues (gibberish), they would just think the people were crazy and God would not be glorified, but if the people were given the gift of speaking in tongues, as per the Bible, then the foreign person would hear the gospel being spoken in their own language and God would be glorified for it.

Part of the problem today is that many Christians are too busy seeking great signs and wonders, just like the Jews did in the days of Christ Jesus. We are too wrapped up in "feelings" to hear the plain truth from God's Word. Do you want to know the Bible truth about the gift of speaking in tongues, even if it goes against what you "feel"? I hope so! Never forget that we live in bodies that are sinful and are dying, and we are at war with a spiritual enemy that can put thoughts into our minds. So we should never base anything on what we "feel". Rather, we should base everything on the true Word of God in the Bible. As our Lord and Saviour once said:

Matthew 4:4 .....'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.'

One thing you can be sure of is that in this website you will find the WHOLE counsel of God, and not just bits and pieces taken out of context to suit our fancies. We are dedicated to living according to God's truth in the Bible, no matter what the majority of the world are doing. Sure, the majority of the Christian world are not speaking in tongues or ecstatic tongues, but this charasmatic movement of speaking in ecstatic tongues is growing fast, and could end up having a huge bearing on end time deceptions from the enemy. Please give your heart to the Lord Jesus on this issue, and let Him teach you His truth from the Bible.

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